Tag: Adventurer


  • Sildar Hallwinter

    Sildar is an adventurer hired to help and protect [[:gundren-rockseeker | Gundren Rockseeker]]. Sildar was found by the party within Cragmaw Hideout, having been captured by the goblins currently residing there. Sildar then accompanies the party to the …

  • Iarno "Glasstaff" Albrek

    Iarno Albreck was once a noble wizard in the service of the [[The Lords' Alliance | Lords' Alliance]] along with [[:sildar-hallwinter | Sildar Hallwinter]]. During a mission to eliminate the Redbrand bandit presence in Phandalin, Iarno seemingly …

  • Sister Garaele

    Sister Garaele is a scholarly young acolyte currently tending the [[Shrine of Luck | Shrine of Luck]] in [[Phandalin | Phandalin]]. She is quite zealous and dedicates herself completely to the care of the shrine.