Elonsai Monrall

How important does someone need to be for an assassination? Simple, they die to me


Elonsai is a fair faced man with little to distinguish him from any other man in his village, his hair is a fair brown, but short and seldom grows long, his eyes a simple hazel/brown, and his build is slender and lacking in muscle. Elonsai favors taking the appearance of nobility inside towns, and packs the clothing to do so at any point.


Elonsai’s childhood is unimportant, the true story lies after he married the love of his life, Tethys Morningdew, a fullblood elf that made his life worth living. They soon had a son, Gadriel Monrall, and he was the pride and joy of Elonsai’s life, but not for long. A passing noble took a fancy to Tethys, a man by the name of Yorin Stormblade, an elf with an ego too big to fail. After failing to court Tethys, Yorin had her and Gadriel imprisoned and executed, overcome with grief Elonsai attacked the noble late in the night, killing him in his sleep and disappearing from his homeland. Elonsai then wandered from town to town, selling trinkets to nobles and merchants, making a quick penny here and there, the death of his family keeps him up at night, and his psyche isn’t looking too good at this point…

Elonsai Monrall

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