One Roll Heroes

Episode 9

The Goblin King

As the story begins we find our heroes gathered around the bound, unconscious form of Shayde the Rogue. Althaea reaches in to check that Shayde is still alive and well, only for Shayde to awaken and bite her. Shayde breaks free of her bonds with an unnatural strength, her eyes wild and crimson red. A quick spell by Elonsai knocks out the crazed Rogue, whom Thamior determines is afflicted with some form of vampirism. Upon her waking, the group questions what happened to her before heading back to town. On arrival, the group is stopped by Sildar Hallwinter whom, upon seeing the goblin Droop with the party, demands to know the location of Cragmaw Castle. Strummy and Elonsai head back to the Stonehill Inn, leaving Sildar to argue with the rest of the party. During this altercation, Shayde sneaks away with Droop and heads in the direction of Cragmaw Castle. Upon noticing this, Sildar runs off to rouse the town militia, leaving Althaea, Thamior, and Dovahkiin to chase after Shayde. Meanwhile, Daren Edermath finds Strummy and Elonsai drinking at the Inn and calls them to help protect the town. Bringing them before Sildar, the two narrowly escape arrest instead convincing Sildar that they shall go to Cragmaw Castle. The party eventually regroups en route to the Castle. During the night, they are ambushed by a large group of goblins. During the fight, a mysterious samurai comes to their aid. After the battle the party begins interrogating a captured goblin, when a sudden change overtakes the creature. Suddenly the goblin spoke in a voice that was quite ungoblinlike. The voice, claiming to be the Black Spider, taunted the party. The voice also claims that Shayde has been a vampire for longer than the party thinks, hinting that he knows who turned her into a creature of the night. The voice bids farewell as the goblin it was possessing suddenly begins convulsing. Suddenly the goblin goes still once more as the voice calmly says "Say hello to the Goblin King for me." The scene fades as the goblin slumps forward into his bindings, dead.


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