Tag: Human


  • Shayde (Shay)

    Grew up in the streets alone as a small child. She was soon taken into a shambled, poor orphanage. The only way that she could survive was petty thievery, bringing back small bits of food and coin to keep the other children alive. These were her innocent …

  • Sildar Hallwinter

    Sildar is an adventurer hired to help and protect [[:gundren-rockseeker | Gundren Rockseeker]]. Sildar was found by the party within Cragmaw Hideout, having been captured by the goblins currently residing there. Sildar then accompanies the party to the …

  • Toblen Stonehill

    Toblen is a short, friendly human male. A native to Triboar in the east, Toblen came to the mining town of [[Phandalin | Phandalin]] in order to prospect. Toblen quickly realized that his skills running an inn would be far more profitable and so he …

  • Elmar Barthen

    Elmar Barthen is a lean, balding man with a kindly manner about him. He runs [[Barthen's Provisions | Barthen's Provisions]], the largest trading post in Phandalin, along with his twoyoung clerks, Ander and Thistle.

  • Harbin Wester

    Harbin Wester is a pompous old fool. He was elected to the position of townmaster by default, as nobody else wanted to do the job. He is easily intimidated, and was completely under control of the Redbrands before they were defeated.

  • Hamun Kost

    Hamun Kost is a stout, red-robed individual with sallow skin, a shaved scalp, and a black tattoo on his forehead. The party meets Hamun at Old Owl Well. In return for his leaving, they find out who built the watchtower.