One Roll Heroes

Episode 10
Storming the Castle

As the story begins we find the party packing up camp after a night's rest. After a brief discussion, the party heads toward Cragmaw Castle. Upon arriving, the group elects to send in Droop in order to secure an audience with King Grol. The party eventually steps in and an audience is secured. The party meet with the bugbear "king" but are unsuccessful in convincing Grol into giving them Gundren Rockseeker, whom the bugbear has held captive. Elonsai and Thamior leave on their own, then attempt to reenter with Thamior disguised as a bugbear guard and Elonsai as a prisoner. Miraculously, the plan works and they make their way to Gundren. The rest of the party leaves the castle, and Elonsai uses his magic to tell them of their situation. While Strummy and Hirito attempt to distract the castle's inhabitants, the rest of the group tries to break Gundren out. Gundren refuses to leave unless he can leave with the map to Wave Echo Cave, which is in the possession of King Grol. Gundren attempts to find the map on his own, immediately running into the Black Spider's emissary who had been negotiating with King Grol. A fight between the party and the emissary ensues, with the emissary revealed as being a doppelganger. Our heroes are victorious and King Grol, who has no love for the Black Spider, agrees to give the adventurers both Gundren and the map in exchange for the death of the Black Spider. The scene fades as our heroes begin the journey back to Phandalin.

Episode 9
The Goblin King

As the story begins we find our heroes gathered around the bound, unconscious form of Shayde the Rogue. Althaea reaches in to check that Shayde is still alive and well, only for Shayde to awaken and bite her. Shayde breaks free of her bonds with an unnatural strength, her eyes wild and crimson red. A quick spell by Elonsai knocks out the crazed Rogue, whom Thamior determines is afflicted with some form of vampirism. Upon her waking, the group questions what happened to her before heading back to town. On arrival, the group is stopped by Sildar Hallwinter whom, upon seeing the goblin Droop with the party, demands to know the location of Cragmaw Castle. Strummy and Elonsai head back to the Stonehill Inn, leaving Sildar to argue with the rest of the party. During this altercation, Shayde sneaks away with Droop and heads in the direction of Cragmaw Castle. Upon noticing this, Sildar runs off to rouse the town militia, leaving Althaea, Thamior, and Dovahkiin to chase after Shayde. Meanwhile, Daren Edermath finds Strummy and Elonsai drinking at the Inn and calls them to help protect the town. Bringing them before Sildar, the two narrowly escape arrest instead convincing Sildar that they shall go to Cragmaw Castle. The party eventually regroups en route to the Castle. During the night, they are ambushed by a large group of goblins. During the fight, a mysterious samurai comes to their aid. After the battle the party begins interrogating a captured goblin, when a sudden change overtakes the creature. Suddenly the goblin spoke in a voice that was quite ungoblinlike. The voice, claiming to be the Black Spider, taunted the party. The voice also claims that Shayde has been a vampire for longer than the party thinks, hinting that he knows who turned her into a creature of the night. The voice bids farewell as the goblin it was possessing suddenly begins convulsing. Suddenly the goblin goes still once more as the voice calmly says "Say hello to the Goblin King for me." The scene fades as the goblin slumps forward into his bindings, dead.

Episode 8

As the story begins we find our heroes awakening to a brand new dawn in Phandalin. After over half the party tries, and fails, to deduce what exactly the mysterious Glass Staff does, they gather in the common area of the Stonehill Inn. After noticing that their rogue has disappeared, along with the goblin Droop, the party decides to make their way to the abandoned town of Thundertree. Not even ten minutes after they leave town, they spot a figure on the road which turns out to be the barely breathing body of Droop. On investigation, the party triggers an ambush of 8 hobgoblins. After a fierce fight, our heroes are victorious. Droop is stabilized and, upon waking, points the party to a spot just inside the forest. The scene fades as the party finds their absent rogue, Shayde.

Episode 7
A Crossroads

As the story begins we find our heroes resuming their adventure after a much needed rest. Taking time to visit the old elven adventurer, Daren Edermath. After subduing a Redbrand attempting to escape, Daren tells the party of mysterious undead sightings near Old Owl Well. The party agrees to investigate, finding an old necromancer named Hamun Kost and his zombie horde. After a brief skirmish wherein the party assaults the necromancer's minions, our heroes and Hamun come to an agreement- they find out who built the tower that Hamun has been researching, and Hamun will leave peacefully. To that end the party seeks out the banshee Agatha whom the old necromancer believes has the knowledge he desires. The party parleys with Agatha, gaining the information but losing a frog in the process. After relaying the information to Hamun, the party departs for Phandalin once again. The scene fades as the party walks into town.

Episode 6
Into the Woods

As the story begins we find our heroes awaking from a good night's rest to find Althaea missing and Shayde sick in bed. Elonsai goes off to find Sildar and finds him at the Townmaster's Hall. With this information, Elonsai returns to the Stonehill Inn where the rest of the party has regrouped, minus Althaea, Shayde, and Droop. Althaea walks in with a new companion, a panther named Rwby, which manages to turn the heads of many townspeople. The group then confronts Sildar with the news of Glasstaff's death, revealing that he was in fact Iarno Albrek- Sildar's friend and fellow member of the Lord's Alliance. The party accompanies Sildar in retrieving the body of Glasstaff. Taking into his arms the corpse of his comrade, Sildar promises the party a reward for the disbandment of the Redbrands. The party then takes some time to go around town, getting supplies as well as ollecting their rewards. Upon taking their reward from Sildar, the party also agrees to a request from the Townmaster to clear out a group of orc bandits that had taken residence near Wyvern Tor. Taking on the task, the party moves out, minus one rogue. The journey there is uneventful, and the party easily finds the orc camp. Swiftly dispatching the sentry, our heroes manage to take the bandits by surprise. An intense battle ensues with the party facing several orcs and an ogre. Despite several injuries, the party is victorious and, after looting the bodies, head back to Phandalin. On their journey they are twice ambushed by goblins, each time defeating the goblins with ease. The scene fades as our heroes once again enter the town of Phandalin.

Episode 5
Glasstaff or Glass-Staff?

As the story begins, our heroes briefly recover for their last battle. Looting the corpses of the finds a strange vanity in the lead bugbear, but aside from that there is nothing special. The party prepares to interrogate the fainted goblin, only to find him missing. The move to the room which the bugbears came from, only to find the nothic, Polyphemus, attempting to eat said goblin. Elonsai and Strummy attempt to assist the nothic in feasting upon goblin flesh, only for Shayde to save the goblin from a grisly demise. The group then decides to take a short rest to allow the goblin to recover as well as to allow Polyphemus to "clean up" the dead bodies in the other room. After their rest, the group goes to retrieve Polyphemus only to find him dead, with the wizard Glasstaff escaping. A chase ensues, in which certain members of the party become sidetracked by beaver fur. Shayde and Elonsai manage to capture Glasstaff and regroup, only to have to kill him before he can escape. Through looting the hideout, our heroes discover the true identity of Glasstaff to be Iarno Albrek, the man whom Sildar Hallwinter was searching for. They also uncover the legend of Wave Echo Cave, which a letter reveals has some connection to both the Black Spider, as well as the Rockseeker brothers. The scene fades as our heroes make their way back to their rooms at the inn in town.

Episode 4
The Redbrand Hideout

As the story begins we find our heroes reentering the Redbrand's Hideout in search of the Redbrand leader, Glasstaff. Upon entry they are met by Strummy and his new "pet", a nothic which Strummy promptly names Polyphemus. The group then follows Polyphemus as he "sniffs" out Redbrands in the hideout. After finding and entering a secret door, the party travels across a small chasm and further into the hideout. The group then enters a room occupied by 4 drunken Redbrands, whom they quickly subdue. However, this scuffle draws the attention of 3 nearby bugbears who storm into the room, prompting the Redbrands to renew their fight. The party dispatches these foes, although suffering a fair amount of damage in the process. The scene fades as the party heal their wounds and approach a goblin that fainted upon the start of the battle.

Episode of Strummy

As the story begins we find our hero surrounded by three well-endowed women and nursing a hangover. Strummy stumbles downstairs to find his friends noticeably absent. The proprietor of the in, Toblen Stonehill, says that he heard that rest of the party was off to storm the Redbrand Hideout, though he does not know where this is. Strummy then sets out across the street to look for information from the elven maiden currently attending to the Shrine of Luck. She introduces herself as Sister Garaele and asks for Strummy's help. Strummy obliges, and goes on an errand for the priestess. Upon completion, she rewards Strummy with several potions of healing, as well as information on the whereabouts of the Redbrand Hideout. This information takes him to the Alderleaf Farm, where he meets Quelline Alderleaf and her son Carp. Carp takes Strummy to a secret entrace into the Redbrand Hideout. Strummy enters and finds himself confronted by a strange creature. Strummy feeds the creature, and it leads him through the hideout. The scene fades as the creature shouts "I smell fresh food!"

Episode 3
An Ally Appears

As the story begins we find our heroes locked in combat with a group of Redbrands outside of the Sleeping Giant taphouse. Through a rather onesided battle, the party defeats the Redbrands, though one escapes. Taking a captured Redbrand, the party interrogates him, learning of the location of the Redbrand's Hideout, as well as the name of the leader of the Redbrands- a magic-user who goes by the name Glasstaff. The captured bandit also mentions hobgoblins that were sent to aid the Redbrands by a mysterious figure known as the Black Spider. Elonsai slits the Redbrand's throat, and the group heads to the hideout. Through preliminary exploration of the hideout, the party fights a group of skeletons brought to life by dark magic. The skeletons are swiftly defeated, and our heroes find their way into a prison area where they find Mirna Dendrar and her two children, as well as an unknown woman by the name of Shayde. Mirna thanks the party for freeing her, and tells them of a valuable heirloom left in her family's alchemy shop in the ruined town of Thundertree. Shayde joins the party as they escort the Dendrars out of the hideout. The scene fades as our heroes once again descend into the lair of the bandits.

Episode 2

As the story begins, our heroes regroup and prepare to continue their journey to Phandalin. The group returns to their original wagon with Sildar and complete to journey to Phandalin. On arrival, the party splits up, some to secure lodgings and others to drop off their wagon of goods. After dropping off the wagon, our adventurers make their way to the Lionshield Coster and speak with the master of the trading post, a human woman by the name of Linene Graywind. The group tells her of a shipment they found stolen within the goblin hideout, and she offers to reward them if their information is true. At this same time, other members of the party stumble upon a group of ruffians who go by the name of the Redbrands. Narrowly avoiding confrontation, they meet with the rest of the party at the Stonehill Inn. There they meet a retired adventurer, an old half-elf by the name of Daran Edermath. Daran tells the party of the trouble that the Redbrands have caused, and asks their aid in teaching the bandits a lesson. The party accepts, and the scene fades as the party squares up agains the Redbrands in front of the Sleeping Giant taphouse.


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