One Roll Heroes

Episode 1

As the story begins we find our heroes traveling along the High Road on their way to the Triboar Trail, and further to Phandalin. The party comes across an overturned cart, and are ambushed by goblins. Quickly defeating the creatures, the group deduces that the cart is the one used by their employer, Gundren Rockseeker, as well as the adventurer Sildar Hallwinter. The party follows a hidden trail back to the goblin's hideout. Infiltrating the hideout, our heroes find Sildar, badly beaten and manage to free him. Sildar tells the group that he does not know where the goblins have taken Gundren, but that he has heard mention of a goblin king who rules from Cragmaw Castle and believes that this may be where Gundren has been spirited to. The group heals Sildar and then attempts to take on the goblin's leader, a hobgoblin named Klarg. It is a tough fight, and just as the party is about to be finished, Dovahkiin and Strummy arrive to save the day. The scene fades as the group recovers and loots the hideout.

The Beginning

A band of 5 adventurers, each with their own reasons, is drawn together on a journey to the trade town of Phandalin. The common factor is their employer, a dwarf by the name of Gundren Rockseeker. Gundren, along with another hired sword by the name of Sildar Hallwinter, have set out ahead of our heroes. The first group, consisting of a half-elven bard named Elonsai, an elven wizard named Thamior, and an elven ranger named Althaea, set out next, bringing with them a wagon of supplies requested by Gundren. Following behind them are the dwarven bard Strummy and the dragonborn barbarian Dovahkiin.


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