Shayde (Shay)

To hear, one must be silent. Silence, is the way of the shadow. I, am that shadow.

Shayde wears light armor that is as dark as the shadows themselves. The hood is usually seen pulled forward, covering most of her face. She has porcelain skin, and ruby lips; her golden amber eyes are bright and observant and she tends to keep her long ebony hair down, though she knows it would be wiser to tie it back. She’s become quite a rebel in her time. She is of an average female human height, 5’5" and her build is slender.

Grew up in the streets alone as a small child. She was soon taken into a shambled, poor orphanage. The only way that she could survive was petty thievery, bringing back small bits of food and coin to keep the other children alive. These were her innocent years.
At the mere age of ten, she witnessed a murder happen in the middle of the night. The being who saw her kidnapped her, and took her to his guild where she was trained as an assassin. Any trust and love she bore for anyone had vanished, and been replaced with ice and darkness. In this field of work there was much coin, but as a consequence she lost her humanity. Years went by, and she quickly proved her skills to the guild leaders. She had taken on many contracts, and completed them successfully.
Now, at the age of 19, she found herself with the contract of eradicating a bandit leader by the name of Glass-Staff. As per routine, she sent out on her investigation sweep; however, an oaf of a bandit guard managed to take her by surprise and capture her, along with many others in the dungeon below the mansion. There, a band of adventurers rescued her. Where will her destiny lie?

The adventure continues…

Shayde (Shay)

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