One Roll Heroes

Episode of Strummy


As the story begins we find our hero surrounded by three well-endowed women and nursing a hangover. Strummy stumbles downstairs to find his friends noticeably absent. The proprietor of the in, Toblen Stonehill, says that he heard that rest of the party was off to storm the Redbrand Hideout, though he does not know where this is. Strummy then sets out across the street to look for information from the elven maiden currently attending to the Shrine of Luck. She introduces herself as Sister Garaele and asks for Strummy's help. Strummy obliges, and goes on an errand for the priestess. Upon completion, she rewards Strummy with several potions of healing, as well as information on the whereabouts of the Redbrand Hideout. This information takes him to the Alderleaf Farm, where he meets Quelline Alderleaf and her son Carp. Carp takes Strummy to a secret entrace into the Redbrand Hideout. Strummy enters and finds himself confronted by a strange creature. Strummy feeds the creature, and it leads him through the hideout. The scene fades as the creature shouts "I smell fresh food!"


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