One Roll Heroes

Episode 8


As the story begins we find our heroes awakening to a brand new dawn in Phandalin. After over half the party tries, and fails, to deduce what exactly the mysterious Glass Staff does, they gather in the common area of the Stonehill Inn. After noticing that their rogue has disappeared, along with the goblin Droop, the party decides to make their way to the abandoned town of Thundertree. Not even ten minutes after they leave town, they spot a figure on the road which turns out to be the barely breathing body of Droop. On investigation, the party triggers an ambush of 8 hobgoblins. After a fierce fight, our heroes are victorious. Droop is stabilized and, upon waking, points the party to a spot just inside the forest. The scene fades as the party finds their absent rogue, Shayde.


Baz1500 Baz1500

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