One Roll Heroes

Episode 7

A Crossroads

As the story begins we find our heroes resuming their adventure after a much needed rest. Taking time to visit the old elven adventurer, Daren Edermath. After subduing a Redbrand attempting to escape, Daren tells the party of mysterious undead sightings near Old Owl Well. The party agrees to investigate, finding an old necromancer named Hamun Kost and his zombie horde. After a brief skirmish wherein the party assaults the necromancer's minions, our heroes and Hamun come to an agreement- they find out who built the tower that Hamun has been researching, and Hamun will leave peacefully. To that end the party seeks out the banshee Agatha whom the old necromancer believes has the knowledge he desires. The party parleys with Agatha, gaining the information but losing a frog in the process. After relaying the information to Hamun, the party departs for Phandalin once again. The scene fades as the party walks into town.


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