One Roll Heroes

Episode 6

Into the Woods

As the story begins we find our heroes awaking from a good night's rest to find Althaea missing and Shayde sick in bed. Elonsai goes off to find Sildar and finds him at the Townmaster's Hall. With this information, Elonsai returns to the Stonehill Inn where the rest of the party has regrouped, minus Althaea, Shayde, and Droop. Althaea walks in with a new companion, a panther named Rwby, which manages to turn the heads of many townspeople. The group then confronts Sildar with the news of Glasstaff's death, revealing that he was in fact Iarno Albrek- Sildar's friend and fellow member of the Lord's Alliance. The party accompanies Sildar in retrieving the body of Glasstaff. Taking into his arms the corpse of his comrade, Sildar promises the party a reward for the disbandment of the Redbrands. The party then takes some time to go around town, getting supplies as well as ollecting their rewards. Upon taking their reward from Sildar, the party also agrees to a request from the Townmaster to clear out a group of orc bandits that had taken residence near Wyvern Tor. Taking on the task, the party moves out, minus one rogue. The journey there is uneventful, and the party easily finds the orc camp. Swiftly dispatching the sentry, our heroes manage to take the bandits by surprise. An intense battle ensues with the party facing several orcs and an ogre. Despite several injuries, the party is victorious and, after looting the bodies, head back to Phandalin. On their journey they are twice ambushed by goblins, each time defeating the goblins with ease. The scene fades as our heroes once again enter the town of Phandalin.


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