One Roll Heroes

Episode 5

Glasstaff or Glass-Staff?

As the story begins, our heroes briefly recover for their last battle. Looting the corpses of the finds a strange vanity in the lead bugbear, but aside from that there is nothing special. The party prepares to interrogate the fainted goblin, only to find him missing. The move to the room which the bugbears came from, only to find the nothic, Polyphemus, attempting to eat said goblin. Elonsai and Strummy attempt to assist the nothic in feasting upon goblin flesh, only for Shayde to save the goblin from a grisly demise. The group then decides to take a short rest to allow the goblin to recover as well as to allow Polyphemus to "clean up" the dead bodies in the other room. After their rest, the group goes to retrieve Polyphemus only to find him dead, with the wizard Glasstaff escaping. A chase ensues, in which certain members of the party become sidetracked by beaver fur. Shayde and Elonsai manage to capture Glasstaff and regroup, only to have to kill him before he can escape. Through looting the hideout, our heroes discover the true identity of Glasstaff to be Iarno Albrek, the man whom Sildar Hallwinter was searching for. They also uncover the legend of Wave Echo Cave, which a letter reveals has some connection to both the Black Spider, as well as the Rockseeker brothers. The scene fades as our heroes make their way back to their rooms at the inn in town.


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