One Roll Heroes

Episode 4

The Redbrand Hideout

As the story begins we find our heroes reentering the Redbrand's Hideout in search of the Redbrand leader, Glasstaff. Upon entry they are met by Strummy and his new "pet", a nothic which Strummy promptly names Polyphemus. The group then follows Polyphemus as he "sniffs" out Redbrands in the hideout. After finding and entering a secret door, the party travels across a small chasm and further into the hideout. The group then enters a room occupied by 4 drunken Redbrands, whom they quickly subdue. However, this scuffle draws the attention of 3 nearby bugbears who storm into the room, prompting the Redbrands to renew their fight. The party dispatches these foes, although suffering a fair amount of damage in the process. The scene fades as the party heal their wounds and approach a goblin that fainted upon the start of the battle.


Baz1500 rheannaberr98

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