One Roll Heroes

Episode 3

An Ally Appears

As the story begins we find our heroes locked in combat with a group of Redbrands outside of the Sleeping Giant taphouse. Through a rather onesided battle, the party defeats the Redbrands, though one escapes. Taking a captured Redbrand, the party interrogates him, learning of the location of the Redbrand's Hideout, as well as the name of the leader of the Redbrands- a magic-user who goes by the name Glasstaff. The captured bandit also mentions hobgoblins that were sent to aid the Redbrands by a mysterious figure known as the Black Spider. Elonsai slits the Redbrand's throat, and the group heads to the hideout. Through preliminary exploration of the hideout, the party fights a group of skeletons brought to life by dark magic. The skeletons are swiftly defeated, and our heroes find their way into a prison area where they find Mirna Dendrar and her two children, as well as an unknown woman by the name of Shayde. Mirna thanks the party for freeing her, and tells them of a valuable heirloom left in her family's alchemy shop in the ruined town of Thundertree. Shayde joins the party as they escort the Dendrars out of the hideout. The scene fades as our heroes once again descend into the lair of the bandits.


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