One Roll Heroes

Episode 10

Storming the Castle

As the story begins we find the party packing up camp after a night's rest. After a brief discussion, the party heads toward Cragmaw Castle. Upon arriving, the group elects to send in Droop in order to secure an audience with King Grol. The party eventually steps in and an audience is secured. The party meet with the bugbear "king" but are unsuccessful in convincing Grol into giving them Gundren Rockseeker, whom the bugbear has held captive. Elonsai and Thamior leave on their own, then attempt to reenter with Thamior disguised as a bugbear guard and Elonsai as a prisoner. Miraculously, the plan works and they make their way to Gundren. The rest of the party leaves the castle, and Elonsai uses his magic to tell them of their situation. While Strummy and Hirito attempt to distract the castle's inhabitants, the rest of the group tries to break Gundren out. Gundren refuses to leave unless he can leave with the map to Wave Echo Cave, which is in the possession of King Grol. Gundren attempts to find the map on his own, immediately running into the Black Spider's emissary who had been negotiating with King Grol. A fight between the party and the emissary ensues, with the emissary revealed as being a doppelganger. Our heroes are victorious and King Grol, who has no love for the Black Spider, agrees to give the adventurers both Gundren and the map in exchange for the death of the Black Spider. The scene fades as our heroes begin the journey back to Phandalin.


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